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Resdients of Cold Spring Harbor that are looking for a ride to JFK, LGA or MAcarthur airport have come to the right place. Eco Taxi provides pick ups and drop offs from and to the airport Call 631-624-3727. To get a price on how much it would cost to go from your address to any destination, simply fill out the form above, or call us on our number 24/7. There are many options to choose from when looking for transportation in Cold Spring Harbor, so why choose Eco Taxi you might be asking? Well, for starters, Eco Taxi uses all newer model vehicles with leather seats and plenty of room for luggage. Whether you have a group of 2 or 4 people you can rest assured to be comfortable and ride in style.


Drivers will be properly licensed with all the appropriate Taxi legislation in place.  Drivers will make diligent efforts to reach scheduled stops at the listed times.  Drivers will not have to sit a theory test or undertake a practical driving assessment.  Drivers will be required to buy three-year old cars instead of the current 5-year-old models.  Drivers are not required to bring a client down steps in a wheelchair.  Drivers are not required to act as personal care attendants, baby sitters, or to provide any medical services.  Drivers are required to have a license that specifically authorizes the operating of a commercial.  


Drivers may not read maps, daily papers, books or whatever viable material while working a vehicle. Drivers may not enter a customer's home. Drivers are not ALLOWED to enter the terminal. Drivers may decide to minimization to lower levels of the strategy to decrease their assessment bill. Drivers are expert, accomplished, and exceptionally acquainted with the zone to answer any inquiries regarding the Cold Spring Harbor region.


Transportation has reliably been an issue in the suburban range. Transportation is accessible to all, however is focused for individual heading off to the airstrip. Transportation is avenue to entryway inside the Cold Spring Harbor region. Transportation is vital to city life. Transportation is one of the prime concerns in your psyche while you are voyaging.


Drivers are free builders– they own their cars and pay roughly a 20% commission to Uber.  Drivers are very nice and respectful.  Drivers were required to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.  Drivers were on their own once they left the garage, and were free to prospect for fares in any manner.